31 January 2017

ICIS releases new book

ICIS released a new book ‘Sustainable Development Research at ICIS – Taking stock and looking ahead’ which presents an overview of ongoing and recent sustainable development research at the institute and it introduces the research agenda for the coming years. The book is intended for a broad audience of fellow researchers, collaborators from outside academia, students, and in fact everyone who is interested in learning more about the topics and types of research conducted at ICIS. The book is free to download.


The book is free to download. You can download the full book and individual chapters.

About ICIS

ICIS is Maastricht University’s scientific institute for sustainable development. The institute started as a centre for integrative studies and has become a leading institute in research and education for sustainable development. ICIS vision is that research, education and learning for sustainable development provides a knowledge base for policymaking and innovation in pursuit of sustainability. ICIS contributes to the scientific debate about sustainable development, but also tries to achieve a constructive social impact towards sustainability in practice. Therefore ICIS collaborates intensively with other partners, such as governments, business, NGOs and other research institutes. ICIS is hosting MUST, the Graduate School which offers a PhD programme and Master programme in Sustainability Science and Policy.