A white paper by Maastricht University and Deloitte Private

Holacracy driving Sustainable Future Winners

How can business respond faster, better, effective, and efficient to the challenges of our times? The winners of the future experiment with new organisational concepts. Companies like Lightyear, bol.com, Viisi, Enie.nl, or Springest empower their employees by allowing them to explore, develop and use their extensive talents to contribute to common objectives. They employ a holacratic approach to organising – a form of self-organising. They created:

“an environment where colleagues can work on the best version of themselves, work together based on their strengths and help each other – that leads to peak performance.”

Learn more about holacracy in this white paper and about the ways in which these companies mobilise and apply the talents of their staff and create company growth and prosperity.

This white paper resulting from the collaboration between Maastricht University and Deloitte Private 

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