22 November 2021

High mark for Online Master’s Open Day

Saturday's Online Master Open Day passed off smoothly: the platform was stable throughout the day with a good turnout. Over 2,200 visitors participated in the live Q&As and other sessions. The number of visitors may have been lower than at the previous two online editions, but it was still a lot higher than at the last physical open day, two years ago now. The rating for the online sessions was also high: a whopping 8.6.

Back on campus?

These and other criticisms, which often concerned the length of the session, technical problems or the composition of the groups, will be taken on board for the next edition of the Master’s Open Day. For a student interested in psychology, the event doesn't necessarily have to be an on-campus open house: 

“I think that this form of open day was actually a great improvement to the in-person open day that I attended a few years ago. First seeing the pre-recorded intro video and then getting a chance to ask Fred and the ambassadors was a perfect combination and really did answer all my questions. Well done!”

Next Master's Open Day

If you missed the Master’s Open Day on Saturday, you may want to block your calendar for the next Master's Open Day, scheduled for 19 March 2022. 

In the meantime, you can have a look at our event page on Facebook.