French institute MOT visits ITEM

The French institute that is involved with  border issues in France and its border regions, Mission Opérationelle Transfrontalière / MOT, will pay a visit to ITEM on 16 March.

MOT, which strive for an improved cross border cooperation, have already affirmed their willingness to cooperate with ITEM. This was the result of the fruitful visit of a triple helix delegation with representatives from ITEM, the Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging (LWV), DPA, the Province of Limburg and E,TIL to the MOT office in Paris, which took place on Friday 22 January 2016.


The objective of the coming visit, where CBS will join as well, is a further enhancement of the substantive cooperation in the area of the cross border impact assessment, the 'Politiek Atelier', the Luxembourg rapport and the possible jointly submission of EU subsidy requests.


MOT was founded in 1997 by the French Government in order to be able to offer better operational support to its border regions. MOT is committed to improving cross-border cooperation and provides, among others, information, support, and training on border issues. Not only does MOT have a national reach, it also has a European-wide reach. The organization has partnerships with a variety of actors, including the Province of Limburg.

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