10 September 2020

Frederik Philips Prize 2020 awarded to Estelle Claire Nijssen

On Thursday 3 September, Estelle Claire Nijssen was awarded the Frederik Philips Prize for her thesis AMACING: evaluation of guideline-recommended prophylaxis to prevent contrast-induced nephropathy.

Estelle Nijssen

This annual prize is awarded during the Radiology Days by the Dutch Society for Radiology (NVvR, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiologie) to the person who has completed the best research in the field of Clinical Radiological Imaging and Interventional Techniques in the Netherlands. The prize consists of € 4000 and a unique work of art.

Intravenous saline is recommended in clinical practice guidelines as the cornerstone for preventing contrast-induced nephropathy in patients with compromised renal function. However, clinical-effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of this prophylactic hydration treatment in protecting renal function had not been adequately studied in the population targeted by the guidelines, against a group receiving no prophylaxis, before its introduction as standard care. Researcher Estelle Nijssen: “We found that this treatment is not effective and is better omitted in this population. At this time, standard care has been adapted in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond to reflect these findings, so that these patients need no be admitted to hospital for one to two days. Thus complications that sometimes occur such as heart failure are avoided, and healthcare savings in the Netherlands alone amount to fifty to one hundred million euros a year.”

For more information visit: https://books.ipskampprinting.nl/thesis/537144-Nijssen/  

Or watch this video: https://youtu.be/-IxGRZOLvpM