Florin Coman-Kund defends doctoral thesis

MCEL associate scholar Florin Coman-Kund has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Europen Union Agencies as Global Actors - A Legal Study of the European Aviation Safety Agency, Frontex and Europol”. His dissertation was supervised by MCEL members Ellen Vos and Andrea Ott.

The thesis investigates the international cooperation of EU agencies. It does not only describe the legal framework and practices of EU agencies’ international cooperation, but also advances a comprehensive legal-analytical blueprint, combining EU and international public law in order to assess EU agencies on the global arena. Case studies on three carefully selected EU agencies serve to ‘test’ on the ground the legal-analytical framework designed in this dissertation. The study proposes a structured model approach for the investigation of international cooperation by EU agencies and devises creative forward-looking solutions aimed at accommodating the existing reality within the EU legal-system.

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