First edition of PhD meeting on pensions

Today, on Thursday 23 June 2016, the first PhD meeting on pensions will take place. This PhD meeting is an initiative of the Institute of Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility / ITEM of Maastricht University and Tilburg University at which academic staff and PhD students are brought together.

This meeting seeks to bring together PhD students and academic staff with a research focus on pensions and related topics. The main objective will be to stimulate the multidisciplinary research on pensions and the collaboration between the various disciplines. The PhD students will get the opportunity to expand their network, essay their research and exchange feedback during the meeting’s pitches and workshops. Attention will be given to pension communication, cross border legal and tax related pension issues and the approach in the field of Econometrics.

Within the framework of pensions the ITEM expertise centre plays an important role in the area of research regarding cross border pension issues. Currently there are ongoing PhD-research projects regarding this subject.

For more information about ITEM’s PhD-research projects, see ITEM Research:

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