FASoS students receive thesis prizes at Dies Natalis 2016

During the annual Dies Natalis of Maastricht University on Monday 11 January four FASoS students received a prize for their bachelor’s/master’sthesis. They each won €500,- and a certificate.

The four students wrote the following theses:

  • Jacob Zeijl (Bachelor Arts & Culture): Visions of Vision. The different Ways Governments, Artists and Activists interpret Visibility and its Impact on the current Discourse on Transparency and Surveillance.
  • Hanna Schöls (Bachelor European Studies): Is Timing Really Everything? The Impact of Electoral Cycles on Voter Turnout in EP Elections.
  • Joanna Claire Gardner (Master European Studies): Britain: undermining or underpinning the CSDP?
  • Julia Kumherr (Master Media Culture): Romantic Love in the Digital Age: Interpersonal Electronic Surveillance and Relationship Visibility of Generation Y Facebook Users.

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