9 September 2021

Fair healthcare in primary care plus centres in Maastricht

In 2013, it became increasingly clear: innovation in healthcare is a top priority, because costs are continuously rising. Edith Schippers, then Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, designated nine pioneer sites in the Netherlands as testing grounds for new ways of delivering healthcare, of which one in Maastricht. At these pioneer sites, the ‘Triple Aim’ method was employed which should give insight into whether the interventions were leading to improvements in terms of quality, health and costs.

An example of these interventions is primary care plus, the relocation of specialist healthcare to community centres. The interventions made three promises: 1. That general practitioners and specialists learn through working together; 2. That moving healthcare into the community makes it more accessible, and thus more patient-friendly; 3. That this type of healthcare results in cost reductions.