20 December 2018

Enactus: enterprising students with a big heart

Students who not only want to contribute to society but also have an enterprising spirit can find their niche at Enactus Maastricht. This too is a global student organisation, operating in 36 countries.


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It's all about people

Vice-chair and Sustainable Finance masters student Chantal Genovese also sees Enactus as a perfect fit. ‘I was a volunteer for organisations like Amnesty International, and I thought, why don’t I take my values into the business world? I like to be involved in the local community, where I can meet people who have the same outlook as I do. Ultimately it’s all about people. About creating a community together that can grow sustainably and ethically.’ Depending on the project, the teams spend two or three hours a week on their work at Enactus. There are also weekly meetings to update each other on developments, but these aren’t compulsory. Above all, the key word at Enactus is motivation. ‘We really form a team,’ says Rens. ‘Most members are students from the School of Business and Economics. With us they can experience how business models really work. But non-SBE students are also very welcome to make a project proposal.’

You can spend most of your time as a student in the library with a book or in the bar with a beer, of course – both are important in your student days. But it’s great to see that there are students in Maastricht who choose to devote some of their free time to society. I firmly believe that this benefits not only society, but also the students themselves. By working together, we can all help to improve society. I’d like to compliment all the students who realise this at such a young age.  
Rianne Letschert, Rector of Maastricht University
By: Femke Kools (text)