EFRAG offers internship opportunities in its financial reporting and sustainability reporting activities

The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) is offering internship opportunities in financial and sustainability reporting activities! EFRAG is a Non-Profit Organisation established in 2001 with two main activities in financial reporting and sustainability reporting.

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The internship would take place in Brussels with a minimum duration of six months. You can join as an intern in two different capacities and will either support EFRAG in financial reporting by influencing the development of IFRS Accounting Standards, as well as providing advice on IFRS Accounting Standards; or in sustainability reporting by supporting drafting European Sustainability Reporting Standards.  

As an intern, you will support the EFRAG staff in drafting technical documents and their engagement with EFRAG’s governance bodies, working groups, or other external stakeholders. The internship offers you a unique experience in a dynamic and multicultural environment which gives you access to a rich network of corporate reporting stakeholders.

As an intern in financial reporting, the candidate needs to have completed their bachelor’s degree or be in the final year of their Master's in accounting with advanced courses in IFRS-related topics. As an intern in sustainability reporting, the candidate needs to have completed a bachelor’s degree or be in the final year of their Master's in sustainability, accounting, business, finance, economics, or law. Additionally, the candidate should be curious and bring an eagerness to learn, be a good team player, be proactive, and be organised, as well as bring the ability to analyse quantitative and qualitative data.

Candidates can apply by sending their CVs and letters of motivation to /rf@efrag.org. Interns are recruited on a continued basis. Follow this link for more information!

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