EDLAB Education Innovation Project: Education That Moves You

Education That Moves You – The DIY Edition

At EDLAB, we're making Maastricht University more active with our Education That Moves You project. By encouraging you to stand up during tutorials, we aim to make your learning experience more dynamic, enhance your concentration, and stimulate creative thinking.

Sitting for extended periods has been linked to various health risks, such as depression and diabetes, so incorporating more standing into your daily routine is a positive step.

However, the concept of standing more doesn't only apply to the classroom; it extends to your office, home, and even the hours spent in front of the TV. So why not incorporate more standing into your daily life, regardless of where you are? Here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) tips to help you transform your home or office into a dynamic and healthy environment.

The Basics


Do your two left hands prevent you from the real crafts? Is building your own standing desk just a step too far? Luckily, there are easier ways out. Maybe a quick dive into your bookshelf is enough to change your sitting habits! A stack of books can be the perfect desk for your laptop.

The Investment


Although it might not fit the general student budget, investing in a sit/standing desk is the way to go if you really want to do it right. These desks are adjustable with just a click of a button, so they can be adjusted to anyone’s height and are easily turned into a basic desk.

The Best of Both Worlds


Maybe a pile of books on your table seems a bit unorganised, but is the investment in the real deal a bit too much for now? Fortunately, there is always the middle ground. These IKEA hacks will help you make an affordable but stylish standing desk to help you quit sitting.

The Craftsman


Feeling particularly confident about your DIY skills? Why not build a standing desk yourself?! Run to your nearest hardware store to pick up all the things you need to build a stylish new desk. This YouTube video should help you out with a step-by-step guide.

Go to EDLAB's Education That Moves You project page.

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