EDLAB Education Innovation Grants

Call for proposals 2023-2024


Are you ready to turn your innovative education idea into reality?

EDLAB invites Maastricht University teaching staff to apply for an EDLAB education innovation grant à € 5,000,-.

Application deadline
The application deadline is Monday 13 November 2023, 12:00 CET.
Proposals can be sent to walter.jansen@maastrichtuniversity.nl

PBL Innovation

The grant aims to promote practical innovations within UM’s teaching & learning environment. EDLAB strives for diversification of problem-based learning formats, generating an optimal integration of collaborative, contextual, constructive and self-directed learning (CCCS) experiences.

We hence want to support creative ideas that may lead to innovations within a broad spectrum of themes related to our PBL learning environment, for example focusing on instructional design, teaching delivery, international classroom and new forms of assessment.


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