Dr. Lorenzo Moroni (MERLN) receives TERMIS-EU Young Scientist Award

The TERMIS-EU Council and the TERMIS-EU Awards Committee have awarded Dr. Lorenzo Moroni with the TERMIS-EU Young Scientist Award 2016. This award is given to Dr. Moroni because of his demonstrated outstanding achievements in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research, during the early stages of his career with clear evidence of a growing profile. The prize comes with a € 1,500 honorarium and a plaque. He will receive the award on the 30th June at the TERMIS-EU 2016 conference In Uppsala, Sweden.

The TERMIS-EU Young Scientist Award is granted to outstanding young scientists working in the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine field. It is more to recognize the career of a promising scientist so far. It is given based on nominations and support of that nomination by external recommendations.

Dr. Lorenzo Moroni investigates how the design of three-dimensional scaffolds can better mimic native tissues to better regenerate tissues in our body through controlling adult stem cells. Aging worldwide population demands new solutions to permanently restore damaged tissues, thus reducing healthcare costs.

Dr. Lorenzo Moroni: “I am honoured and excited about this award. It gives me extra energies to continue on my work to find better strategies to regenerate tissues and organs evolving around biofabrication technologies like bioprinting, striving to bring these new treatments closer and closer to the clinics. Fortunately some of our efforts already reached the clinics. Through partnership with CellCoTec we are bringing 3D printed scaffolds to the clinics for articular cartilage regeneration. We are also looking at possibilities to create a new company, which aims at bringing a new solution for vascular regeneration to the clinics.”

Dr. Moroni will deliver a Plenary Award Lecture on the 30th June 2016 at the TERMIS-EU 2016 in Uppsala (Sweden) where he also will receive a € 1,500 honorarium and a plaque. The award is given to the most promising talent in the TERM field below 40 years old.

TERMIS promotes advances in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine and supports where possible their clinical translation and serve as a vehicle to their members for networking and starting collaborations (like many other societies). It is a global society with 3 continental chapters.

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