New 'Face of Science' from Maastricht

Digital conflicts about climate in the picture

Philosopher Maud Oostindie of Maastricht University is one of the new 'Faces of Science' presented today by the KNAW. Through blogs and vlogs, she is going to show what her life as a young scientist looks like.

Online discussions about climate change

Social media and other online platforms are often fraught with conflict. Especially when it comes to polarizing topics, such as climate change. Maud explores how people deal with conflict and disagreements around climate issues on online platforms. What is considered "good" communication? And what is the role of digital technology in this?

Faces of Science

Faces of Science is a network of PhD students who 'put a face to science' with blogs, vlogs and presentations. On FacesofScience. nl dozens of PhD students blog about their research, science in general and their lives as scientists. They show how diverse science actually is and want to inspire and enthuse young people about science

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