4 September 2017

Dialect Web App Eèsjdes (the Eijsden dialect) and Mestreechs (the Maastricht dialect)

On Friday 1 September, Professor Leonie Cornips, professor by special appointment of Language Culture at Maastricht University in Limburg and the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam, launched a Dialect Web App for the Limburg dialects ‘Eèsjdes’ (the Eijsden dialect) and ‘Mestreechs’ (the Maastricht dialect) in the Council Chamber of the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten. The Web App is intended for anyone who wants to learn dialects, allow others to hear their dialect and enjoy dialects. The app contains about fifty sentences in Eèsjdes and Mestreechs (offered in dialect, Dutch and English) that are useful for any tourist or visitor. With the help of the app, anyone can ask for directions in Eèsjdes and Mestreechs, order a beer in a café, ask for the menu in a restaurant or find the nearest cash machine. The phrases were chosen in such a way that they will not only be useful for tourists, but also contain a number of linguistic characteristics that are interesting for research.