Degrowth getting bigger

5 June, Global Degrowth Day, saw the launch of Degrowth Daily, a journal dedicated to examples of urban development that doesn’t exclusively target growth.

The idea behind degrowth is that reducing production and consumption in the right way will lead to an increase in the quality of life and various positive effects on the environment.

The journal Degrowth Daily (in Dutch only) investigates the upsides of 'degrowth' in urban development, especially in cities that have grown too quickly, such as Parkstad Limburg, or, by contrast, the shrinking cities in the South Limburg region.

Following Degrowth Daily’s open call, a total of 35 academics, city-planners, students and artists offer perspectives on degrowth and urban society in opinion pieces, essays and articles on projects and citizens' initiatives.

Degrowth Daily is an initiative of the Maastricht Sustainability Institute, led by Maurice Hermans, Joop de Kraker and Christian Scholl. It is financed by the Dutch Research Council’s (NWO) VerDuS SURF research programme.

 Download the first edition of Degrowth Daily (in Dutch only)

A call for a 2nd edition will be published soon. Send an email to to subscribe. 


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