De Dashboardsamenleving: van improvisatie tot providere

Throughout history there’s been a search for a moral compass, but a definitive one has never been found. That could change. Humans are no longer alone on the playing field but are surrounded by new star players: artificial intelligence and robotics. Herein appear the contours of a new type of society.

The dashboard society is a hypothetical form of society in which every citizen has a dashboard at their disposal to help them be prudent and proactive—an asset in the time of corona in which the idea of a data-driven society is gaining strength. After emergence, conscience can acquire a digital voice in the form of a transhuman consciousness and install a ‘diagonal morality’ that connects between what citizens prefer horizontally and what is desirable at a higher level vertically. Not ‘Big Brother’ but ‘Little Sister’. It offers a solution to some classical normative problems, but is certainly not a panacea.

Any kind of foresight has a downside. When the cloud of data is unlocked and social order becomes predictable to some extent, a calamity could spread across the world in the form of seven unprecedented moral dilemmas and one utopia.

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