Contributions of SHE at the NVMO congress

On May 11 and 12, Maastricht will host the NVMO-conference of the association for health professions education of the Netherlands and Flanders. This conference attracts 800-900 teachers, researchers, students and professionals each year. The theme of this year’s conference is Samen leren, Samen werken (Learning together, Working together).

This time, we would like to highlight two contributions of our SHE Colleagues: Jen Yaros and Yuanyuan Zhu. Below, they talk about the content of their poster presentations and how it is to prepare for presenting at a Dutch conference.

Jen Yaros:

''I will be presenting the results of an exploratory investigation into the costs of health professions education. I have lived in the Netherlands for four years, studied the language from the day I arrived and work in a predominately Dutch-speaking department. So even though I have not yet attained professional fluency in my language skills, I am very familiar with existing in a dual-language setting. While I will present my work in English, I see this conference as a great opportunity to improve my professional fluency through informal conversations and by observing and listening to how other present their work.''

Yuanyuan Zhu:

''What elements of study programmes are associated with students’ autonomous motivation? Autonomous motivation is important because it is related to students’ academic achievement, deep learning, and improved well-being. Our study used mixed methods to understand elements fostering autonomous motivation in three bachelor’s programmes. We will present the results in the NVMO Congres, which will be my first Dutch conference. I’m confident it won’t be a big problem, not that I speak perfect Dutch (yet :)), but that I have trust in my Dutch colleagues’ support (and the fact that they speak great English). ‘Samen leren, samen werken’, laten we gaan!''

Jen Yaros & Yuanyuan Zhu

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