Consequences of the corona crisis among HBO students vary widely

Despite the fact that the corona crisis has had a significant impact for some HBO graduates, the negative effects are generally not too bad. This is partly due to the favorable starting position of HBO students before the crisis. In addition, a large majority are confident in how the government is coping with this crisis, many expect their situation to improve by easing government measures, and often gain new ideas for their work. This is evident from research by the Research Center for Education and the Labor Market (ROA) of Maastricht University.

Research into consequences

The Netherlands, like the rest of the world, is currently struggling with the consequences of COVID-19. These consequences - for work, for study, for households, and for social and cultural life - are very far-reaching, and change every day. The Research Center for Education and the Labor Market recently conducted research into the consequences of the corona crisis for the specific group of HBO graduates who graduated between 2013 and 2018. The aim was to discover how the corona crisis affects the (labor market) position, working conditions and the well-being of young HBO students.


The study shows that the consequences of the corona crisis among HBO students vary widely, with the greatest impact on artists, self-employed people and graduates with a migration background. They are now experiencing more financial problems and (impending) unemployment. For young people who have graduated from education or health care, the corona crisis has few adverse consequences in terms of employment or job security. However, they do work longer hours and experience more stress. In addition, many graduates indicate that they are gaining new ideas for their work in this crisis.

The researchers indicate that this is a snapshot. Depending on the duration of the crisis, the picture may look different in a few months.


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