Conflicts and Compromise: Internationalization of Competition Law

Competition law gained a lot of attention all over the world because of its natural relation to economy and market. With the background that the pace of globalization nowadays is faster than ever before, this research will focus on the internationalization of competition law, including basic concepts, historical development, present situation and future possibilities of international competition law. Especially, from a Chinas perspective, this research will explore the conflicts between jurisdictions caused by extraterritorial application of competition law and the way to avoid such conflicts in the process of convergence of international competition law.

This research can be divided into 3 main parts. The first part attempts to highlight important aspects of competition law worldwide, especially the trend of its fast expansion and possible conflicts between countries caused by its features. The second part will focus on the present international dimension of competition law. In the last part, the position China holds in international competition laws and the possible strategy China may choose in the process of its internationalization will be explored. More specifically, there will be 10 chapters in the dissertation. 

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