Collaborate with Nijmegen? Let’s Meet in the Middle!

Would you like to meet a colleague from Radboud University to see if you can work together or exchange expertise? Unfortunately, the planned 'Meet in the middle' meet-up in Venlo on 14 March 2024 will not take place. But we are considering a follow-up.

Maastricht University and Radboud University are on their way to explore and expand their collaboration.

Perhaps you have already made connections yourself and are in the middle of a collaboration project. Or you might be interested in a first meeting with a colleague from Radboud University. How nice would it be to meet each other in an open and inspiring workplace surrounded by a pleasant environment?

Meet in the Middle, at Brightlands Venlo

Luckily, such a place exists, right between Nijmegen and Maastricht: Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. Here, we will meet on Thursday afternoon 14 March 2024 during the kick-off of our joint event: Meet in the Middle.

Connect with colleagues from Nijmegen at this unique campus and experience how the cross-pollination between our universities opens roads to undiscovered destinations.



Find a match

Would you like to meet a colleague in your field, but don't know who to contact? Fill in the interest form and we will match you to the right person. Even if you already know who you want to meet, please fill in the form so we can send you an invitation. We will do so as soon as we have more information about the event.

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