Closing the Gender Gap in Business and Economics with SBE's Elinor Ostrom Fund

International Women's Day has become a global event, recognized and celebrated in many countries around the world. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for women's rights and highlights the progress made towards gender equality whilst drawing attention to the challenges they still face. One such challenge is the underrepresentation of women in academia.

One of the ways meant to address this gender gap at SBE is through the Elinor Ostrom Fund. The fund aims to empower female academics and provide them with the support they need to succeed in business and economics.  "Economics and business have the lowest share of female professors among all scientific disciplines. The Elinor Ostrom fund aims to empower female academics through grants, workshops, and social events to build a strong network of female academics, fostering collaboration and mentorship and supporting them in their careers," says Lisa Brüggen, founder of the Elinor Ostrom fund and Director of NETSPAR.

By providing women with the tools, opportunities, and resources they need to succeed in academia, SBE and the Elinor Ostrom Fund are working towards a more equitable and inclusive academic environment. 

Therese Grohnert

"I would like to thank the Elinor Ostrom Fund for their support and the opportunity for early-career female researchers to get both research time and recognition through the Fund. This has been appreciated not only by me but also by other colleagues who have applied." - Therese Grohnert, Assistant Professor at SBE and one of the recipients of the Elinor Ostrom grants.

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