Christine Neuhold appointed dean of FASoS

Christine Neuhold, professor of EU Democratic Governance, has been appointed dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) for a four-year term, starting 1 September 2020.

Professor Neuhold has a long and successful career within FASoS. An all-round scientist, she is a valued researcher in the field of European politics and an experienced teacher. Neuhold has extensive managerial experience as director of the Politics and Culture in Europe research programme, director of the Maastricht University Campus Brussels, head of the Department of Political Science and member of the FASoS Faculty Board. Under her leadership, the UM Campus Brussels has developed into a place where Europe and UM can meet.

Christine Neuhold has a clear and appealing vision for the future of FASoS. About her new appointment as dean: “I see the opportunities and possibilities of the faculty and look forward to working with others to strengthen and expand the current high-quality curriculum. That way we can also strengthen interfaculty collaboration within UM."

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