Champions of change: Vote Maastricht engineers to the top

The best engineers in the Netherlands come from Maastricht University! Really, the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers has nominated engineer Kim Ragaert and student team SublimeStone for the award of best Dutch engineer and best Dutch student team in 2024. Both are among the last three finalists in their respective categories. Do you want the best engineers to win? Now is the time to vote for UM!

Please help Kim and the students by forwarding this call to your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Voting from outside the Netherlands is permitted! The more votes, the larger the jackpot.

Kim Ragaert is a great pioneer in plastic recycling. She works successfully in the Circular Chemical Engineering research group at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Her work resulted in the development of numerous international technical standards for plastic recycling. She is working on the first factory to process plastics from post-household waste into high-quality new films, as well as designing machinery for the Brightlands Circular Space, Europe's first institute to conduct research and development of the entire plastic recycling chain, from waste separation to product.

A crack in limestone? Fix it with bacteria! There will be no more scaffolding construction workers, only microbes that create scaffolding from DNA. Supervised by MSP-researcher Erik Steen Redeker, Team SublimeStone devised a system in which two bacteria take the lead: one creates the mineral calcite, the other creates DNA origami. DNA and calcite form a strong network that covers small cracks in limestone. SublimeStone is a diverse, multidisciplinary group of students from three programmes: Maastricht Science Programme, Systems Biology, and University College Maastricht. Pyramid of Giza, Parthenon in Athens, and city walls of Maastricht - get ready. Team SublimeStone is coming to the rescue. 

The nominations of Kim and the students do not come as a surprise. Internationally, they have already won awards. Now it is the Netherlands' turn. Come on; stand at Maastricht University and vote for Kim Ragaert and our student team SublimeStone!

Make sure that both finish first so that we can rightly claim that the best engineers come from Maastricht University. It requires just a few mouse clicks.

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