Campus Venlo students on to finals of European food innovation competition

The three student teams from the master's Health Food Innovation Management (UM's Campus Venlo) who dominated the preliminary rounds a few weeks ago, drew the first, second and third place in the semi-finals of the Ecotrophelia food innovation contest.

The UM team PopPeas won first place and will represent the Netherlands during the big finals in London on 21 and 22 November 2017. PopPeas will compete against other teams from Europe in the hope of winning the title for the development of the most innovative food product. The finals will be held during the Food Matters Live exhibition at the ExCel centre in London.

Below, you can read more about the teams and their creative and innovative food products.

The teams

Popped pea chips with an Italian herb flavour
First place: PopPeas

Second place: C-real

Your all-in-one breakfast deal

C-real is an all-in-one type of breakfast cereal, which one can also take on the go. It is composed of soy pops, a chocolate-replacing coating, and seasoned with popped amaranth and poppy seeds. It exceeds your sensory expectations, is convenient, fair priced, beneficial for your health, and better for the planet.

Team members:

  • Sandra Jenniskens
  • Tessa Naus
  • Laura Reitsma
  • Britt Otten
HFIM - Team C-Real

Third place: V-Egg

V-EGG is plant-based vegan egg replacer.

Fat and cholesterol are almost undetectable which could be an alternative choice for people who have hypercholesterolemia problems. Moreover, this plant-based egg has food technological functionality such as foaming and thickening which can be applied in a variety recipes rather than a normal egg. For example, it can be used to substitute egg in baking and dressing process. V-EGG can also be a solution to improve quality of life for eggallergic people. Aquafaba and rice protein are used to make V-EGG. Nonetheless, it delivers value to the environment by reducing waste and sustainable packaging.

Team members:

  • Celia Deleersnijder
  • Addini Pascaramadhani    
  • Thanyathorn Wongnitchakul
HFIM - V-Egg


Ecotrophelia has the ambition to promote entrepreneurship and competitiveness within the European food industry by implementing a training network of excellence in food innovation and organizing National and European food innovation competitions "The Student Food Innovation Awards" a real eye-opener for the food industry. Ecotrophelia achieves the goal of bringing together students, teachers, researchers and professionals of the food sector in a network to think about tomorrow’s eco-innovative food products.

Ecotrophelia 2017

Health Food Innovation Management

The Science in Health Food Innovation Management master's programme is a unique programme, the only one of its kind in the world. The multidisciplinary curriculum is specifically tailored to the professional demands of employers in the food industry. You’ll take courses on topics such as biomedical sciences and nutrition, food regulation, consumer behaviour, entrepreneurship, business and marketing.

By combining elements from business and management with food innovation and health science, we’re able to provide you with an education that will give you the best possible preparation for your future career.

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The programme spans the entire process of food innovation, with a focus on improving consumer health and preventing disease.