10 May 2019

BISCI workshop with Fontys and LIOF

Different stakeholders in the supply chain ecosystem (e.g. third and fourth party logistics providers and forwarders) face demanding challenges in the current environment. Think of human capital, sustainability goals, developments in technologies and smart solutions, cost efficiency aims, and complex integrated supply chains. All these challenges require scarce resources. BISCI aims to collaborate with other stakeholders in the region and beyond to support companies in facing these challenges and creating  new opportunities. In a highly interactive ideation workshop with participants from KennisDC Logistiek (Fontys) and ILEC (Fontys), as well as LIOF and BISCI forces are joint to shape this collaboration supporting supply chain innovations.

Watch the video on the 9 May 2019 workshop.

BISCI Fontys LIOF workshop May 9 2019