BISCI partner of Smart Packaging for Intelligent Logistics


Since January 2020, BISCI participates on behalf of Maastricht University in the research project Smart Packaging for Intelligent Logistics. A consortium of triple-helix organisations participate in this ambitious project, funded by OpZuid and the European Union.

The goal is to create smart packaging in an intelligent logistics system that can be applied to all sectors. Currently, there are five operational demo projects in this Smart Packaging Ecosystem: food, beverages, high-tech, health and pharmacy. BISCI’s PhD candidate Tom Schiefer conducts research within the scope of this project aimed at understanding how a variety of supply chain partners can collaborate to create value for data-driven innovation in smart packaging. He studies closely how such collaborations work within the demo projects of food and health. This project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Bart Vos and Dr. Robert Suurmond.

For more information, contact Tom Schiefer.

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