Bachelor programmes third year in row in top 3 Elsevier Best Study programmes. Master Dutch Law in first place.

Like in previous years, Elsevier looked into all Dutch study programmes and established which ones are the best. And like last year, our bachelor programmes European Law School and Tax Law are in first place again! Of the ten compared programmes our bachelor programme Dutch Law is ranked second with a score far above the average. 
According to Elsevier, our students remain satisfied with their tutors and the content and quality of their programme. This fantastic outcome is based on this year’s results of the National Student Inquiry (NSE).

Master's programmes

For only two of our master’s programmes a national comparison was made. The master’s Tax Law rose from a third place last year to a fantastic second place this year (of the 8 compared programmes) and the master’s Dutch Law is in first place obtaining a score (68+) that is significantly higher than average.
Also for the master’s programmes, the quality of the tutors is highly valuated.

We are very proud of this great result and will continue to work hard to maintain our top position and make further improvements.

You can find the results of the NSE or Elsevier Best Studies on the Elsevier or kiesjestudie website.

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