Open Access APC deals and discounts

Available Open Access APC arrangements and discounts to make use of when you submit your next paper

Submitting UM and the MUMC+ authors can publish their articles Open Access in thousands of journals for free (100% discount) or significant discounts on Article Processing Charges (APCs).

To encourage UM and MUMC+ scholars to publish Open Access, the University Library has made arrangements with academic publishers to enable UM and MUMC+ researchers to publish articles OA free of charge (100% APC discount) or with an APC discount (e.g. 15% APC discount) in high-quality journals.

Currently, more than 21.500 journals are included in the OA arrangements. Go to the guide to find an overview of the available arrangements and how you can use these deals.

Open Access APC arrangements and discounts available:

  1. American Chemical Society 
  2. BioMed Central 
  3. Cambridge University Press 
  4. Elsevier 
  5. Emerald 
  6. IOP Publishing 
  7. Karger 
  8. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 
  9. MDPI
  10. Open Access Journal Browser 
  11. Open Library of Humanities 
  12. Oxford University Press 
  13. SAGE 
  14. Springer 
  15. Taylor & Francis 
  16. Thieme 
  17. Walter de Gruyter 
  18. Wiley

Let us help you with your next publication and visit our APC deals and discounts guide.

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