Appointments at the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences

The Executive Board has appointed three people to fill the administrative and management vacancies at the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences.

Professor Bernadette Jansma appointed new dean of FHS

The Executive Board has appointed Bernadette Jansma as the new dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHS) as of 1 June 2016. On this date, she will step down as dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience – a position she has held since 1 January 2009. Professor Jansma will succeed Harm Hospers, who was appointed Vice-Dean of Education on 1 February. Professor Franz Palm served as interim dean in his absence. A selection committee will be appointed in the near future to find a successor for Professor Jansma at FPN.

Thomas Cleij appointed Dean Sciences

The Executive Board has appointed Prof. Thomas Cleij as Dean Sciences from 1 December 2015. Thomas Cleij is a professor of chemistry who has been involved in the Maastricht Science Programme as dean and programme director since 2011. Cleij earned his PhD at Utrecht University and worked in Louisiana and Hasselt before coming to Maastricht University. As Dean Sciences, he will shape the further development of education and research in the sciences at the university. This research is interfaculty and interdisciplinary in nature and is particularly focused around Systems Biology and Biomaterials.

Fred Offerein appointed director of FHS

Fred Offerein was appointed faculty director of FHS, a position that has been vacant since 1 November 2015 following the definitive appointment of Pascal Bruels as director of the Student Services Centre. Fred Offerein has worked as the Managing Director Sciences at Maastricht University since January 2010, a position which he will continue to practise. Before this, he was a director at the Province of Limburg.

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