If after visiting a Bachelor's or Master's Open Day or attending an Experience Day you want to find out even more about a particular programme, you can sign up to be a ‘Student-for-a-Day’ at some faculties.

For whom?

The student-for-a-day event is intended for students in their final years of secondary school. Some student-for-a-day events are targeted at bachelor's students who want to choose a master's programme.

How does it work?

Together with a current UM student, you will attend classes and participate in a tutorial group meeting. You will also get the chance to have in-depth discussions with tutors and other students. This will help you find out whether a specific bachelor's programme is right for you. The student who accompanies you will also try to give you an accurate impression of Maastricht student life. The following programmes offer you the chance to be a 'Student-for-a-day':

 Arts and Culture
 Biomedical Sciences
 Econometrics and Operations Research
 European Studies
 Fiscal Economics
 Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering
 Maastricht Science Programme
 UNU-MERIT Maastricht Graduate School of Governance
 University College Venlo

How can you join?

Go to our study information calendar for the dates and register.

When and where?

The Student-for-a-day events take place at Maastricht University. Go to our study information calendar for the dates.

More information?

For prospective students

For school counsellors