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What are your plans after graduation? Yes, now is the time to prepare for working life in earnest. Talk to a career advisor for personal advice or attend a career workshop. Why not become a student mentor? Explore job opportunities and resources at career fairs or at the UM Vacancy Board. Tap the alumni network and get in touch with the alumni coach café. Sign up for Master Yourself workshops. And of course, expand your skillset through an internship or placement.

 Acquire skills
 Gain experience
 Get personal support

Acquire Skills

Assertiveness training
In this training, you develop an assertive attitude and you work on your self-confidence.

Boost your self-confidence
During this workshop you will learn how to be more aware of your personal emotions and characteristics. You will get tools to give your personal life a positive boost.

Clinical skills
Students will develop clinical skills (e.g., obtaining a patient’s psychiatric anamnesis, determining DSM-diagnoses, and writing a professional report).

Communication skills (theory and practice)
Throughout the entire Bachelor's and Master's programme students learn about and practice their communication skills.

Crash course in Decision making
Do you put off making decisions, find it hard to distinguish what is important and have doubts after deciding? Making a decision is difficult, but we can help you improve with this workshop.

CV & job application letter
In this workshop you will learn how to write a good job application letter and CV. In addition you will take the recruiter’s seat.

Discover your competences
You gain insight into what you can and want. You itemise your competencies, key qualities and motives. With this workshop you create a good starting point for entering the employment market. 

Ethics is a subject that is touched upon in different facets of the programmes at FPN. 

Professional/Academic Skills
This module offers students an opportunity to practice and apply academic writing and research skills, and prepares students for their research internship. In the professional skills, WOP students are offered an opportunity to practice professional skills in either a simulated or a real-life setting.

Fear of failure training
Always feeling tense and nervous? Do you panic before or during tests or a presentation? Then the fear of failure training may be something for you.

Job applications in the Digital Era
Recruiters are increasingly using applicant tracking systems and what does this mean for you as a job applicant? How do you make an application video? A lot of job interviews take place at a distance, via phone, Skype or Facetime. How do you prepare for this? This workshop aims at answering these questions.

Job interview
During this workshop you learn the ins and outs of the job interview. But you will mainly practise how to respond to questions what you should not say, and what you can ask.

Lecture: employment contract and negotiations
Fantastic! You've been offered a job. But often you're not there yet. You still need to negotiate about your contract, your salary and the secondary employment conditions.

Lecture: getting the most out of LinkedIn
The focus in this lecture is on making you understand how LinkedIn works and in which ways you can use it to your own benefit.

Lecture: networking skills
This lecture gives an insight in the basic principles of personal networking. You will get hands-on tips & tricks which help you to create an interesting network.

Master yourself
Attend workshops provided by organisations in the vicinity of Maastricht University. Build your networks. Get to know more about job-opportunities in the region of Maastricht.

Online career library
The Online Career Library comprises the best websites to help you start off your career. 

Personal Branding
This workshop you go in search of your personal brand. What makes you you? By thinking in this way you learn to profile yourself so that you can make it clear to others who you are and what you stand for.

Presentation skills
This interactive, hands-on workshop is built around your presentations –using these to practice, get feedback and improve.

Self-help: improve your study/professional skills
Tips and tools for improving your own professional/study skills.

Study efficacy increase group
The efficacy increase group is a self-help group for students who find it difficult to concentrate on their studies and tend to procrastinate. The group ensures that you improve your study behaviour and that you use an effective method for studying.

Team building for board members
(For Board members only) We can help your board to become a real team.

Time management
This interactive workshop will give you an insight in your current time management habits and it will help you identify areas for improvement.

Workshop - Mindfulness and meditation
Mindfulness teaches you to be present attentively in the here and now, so that you are aware of your current experience. It helps you to take some distance from the issues you worry about. An effect can be that your mind becomes calmer and that you feel more relaxed.

Workshop Stress management
Do you find it difficult to find a good balance between study and leisure time? In this workshop you look for your own stress signals and you get tools to keep stress under control.

Gain experience

Become a member of a student organisation
Build networks. Make friends. Find like minds.

Become a student representative
As a student you can help improve the facilities and policies of Maastricht University.

Career events calender
Explore different job markets and get in touch with companies.

Clinical internship FPN
Doing an internship in a clinical practice.

Extra-curricular internship master
Master's students have the possibility to do an extra-curricular internship to increase their employability.

Field trips
Within different Master's programmes field trips are organised to introduce students to their future work field. Ask the coordinator of your course or the coordinator of your specialization for more information.

Honours programme PREMIUM
Work with students from different faculties on a challenging assignment. Receiving coaching on your personal learning goal. Attend workshops and master classes.

Information on internships
In these sessions the internship coordinators provide students with information about the possibilities regarding internships.

Prepare studying abroad
Studying abroad not only brings you academic knowledge and skills, it also brings you a valuable experience in a new and different environment and cultural setting.

Research internship FPN
During the research internship master's students learn about all facets of doing research.

Prepare studying abroad
Studying abroad not only brings you academic knowledge and skills, it also brings you a valuable experience in a new and different environment and cultural setting.

Research participation
Every Bachelor's student at FPN has to participate as a research participant in a number of scientific empirical studies. In this way they become acquainted with a variety of methods of empirical research, and are introduced in the different research areas.

Get personal support

Alumni coach café
Learn from alumni of UM on different professional development themes.

Career advice
The career advisers of UM Career Services are specialised in the area of study and career choices and the job market. They can help you with all your career-related questions in a 45 min. session.

Individual Psychological Support
Everyone feels a little bit out of sorts sometimes. You can notice this in various ways: From fear of failure, procrastination and problems with planning to eating disorders, stress, gloominess and even depression. Our team of student psychologists can help you.

Mentor programme
Students have individual and group meetings with their mentor in which study progress and development are discussed.

Personal appointment with academic advisor
All students have the possibility to consult the academic advisers with study-related questions.

Quick career advice
Questions about your career and study? Want to know what you can do after you graduate? Have you got doubts about your job application letter, your CV or your profile on LinkedIn? Come to a Quick Career Advice (15min).

Simulation job interview
The simulation is one of the best ways of training for a real job interview. In 1.5 hours you practise a job interview with a career counsellor in the role of recruiter.

Coping with loss and mourning group
Have you lost someone and do you want to put things in order and learn to let go? Then the coping with loss group may be something for you.

Starting your own business
Learn about entrepreneurship, meet other starting entrepreneurs, and expand your network during inspiring events.

UM Buddy- International Student Ambassadors
Become a coach for international students whilst receiving coaching and training yourself. Expand your skills set in a different cultural context.

Well-being week
During this week students focus on their well-being. Also topics related to employability, such as time-management are included in the programme. The well-being week is organized by UM Career Services..