Team building for board members

Just recently got together as a new student board? If you are looking for constructive ways to get the best results out of your team, this workshop will help you find them.

In this workshop
 You will get to know each other and your motivation to be part of this team.
 You will discuss points of improvement and make an action plan for your team
 And learn about tools you can use to further improve your teamwork in the future.

Managing a student association requests teamwork, organisation, collaboration, communication and more. In order to support student associations, every academic year UM Career Services offers the workshop ‘Teambuilding for board members’ for UM student associations. In this workshop, you will learn how to work together as a team with guidance of a career counsellor. The workshop lasts for ± 3 hours and aims for cooperation so you can establish and pursue your goals.

 All the members of your board have to participate
 Making a homework assignment is necessary to be well prepared for this workshop

This workshop is for free.

The teambuilding session takes place during the first months of the academic year (September-October). Are you interested? Please contact UM Career Services via before September 10th.