Prof Dr M. van Griensven

Martijn concluded his study of biomedical sciences at Leiden University. Subsequently, he obtained his PhD at Hannover Medical School and became the youngest professor in Germany. His research focuses on Regenerative Medicine. He has mainly dealt with regeneration of the musculoskeletal system including aspects of tissue engineering, cell and molecular biology and immune system contributions. In MERLN, he broadens his research to the regeneration of the entire body. The basic principles comprise cells, biomaterials and biological factors.

Martijn’s main focus are cells and their role in tissue regeneration. He investigates cellular interactions with other cells and biomaterials. Thereby, interactions with immune cells are crucial. Thus, the communication between biomaterials, cells and factors intrigues Martijn. He tries to elucidate the concomitant molecular, cellular and mechanical circuits. Knowing how these circuits are composed in pathology, homeostasis and in complex 3D in vitro structures will help understand mechanisms and use them for therapeutic purposes. Interdisciplinary translating this knowledge back to the patient is what we as team strive for!