Luise Ammerschuber

Building your own consulting business while turning a #hashtag into reality

Luise Ammerschuber is the Director and Founder of YESS Impact and AMCO – Ammerschuber Consulting. She graduated UCM in 2012 with a BA in International Relations & Development Studies, followed by an LLM Master in International Human Rights Law and is now an alumni ambassador.

Driven by her passion for development cooperation, she built her two companies through which she advises the Swiss government agency SDC, NGOs, corporations and banks. Luise is an international requested speaker and book author, specialized in social business and impact investing. Her mission is to provide practical solutions and to connect key players to contribute to solving some of the world’s challenges such as in employment and gender empowerment. An example is her approach to the hashtag #metoo: To make sure prevention of abuse becomes a reality, she built a continuously growing international network through which prevention efforts are successfully implemented.