A day in the life of Brian

Participating in a tutorial or a practicum, studying a couple of hours in the university library, exercising or working afterwards and meeting your friends in the evening. What does a day in the life of a student look like?  

Name: Brian Megens
Age: 26 jaar
Residence: Maastricht
Education: European Studies
Hobbies: photography and cycling 

 From where I live, I am out of Maastricht in less than ten minutes. I can run in the hills there and feel as I live right in the middle of nature instead of in a city.  

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A day in the life of Brian


Everything is at biking distance

In Maastricht you don’t live on a campus or with a landlady, but in a house together with other students. You cook and eat together and make it a home for all of you. You can find a room in the city centre, but also in the suburbs. Almost all rooms are within biking distance from the faculties and the inner city. Would you like to know more about the rental rates and the offer of student rooms? Visit Maastrichthousing and find out how students live in Maastricht and how much they pay for a room.

 Life in Maastricht


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City of extremes

Maastricht is a city of extremes: monumental buildings, austere architecture, and industrial heritage. A real city, surrounded by nature. A ten minute bike ride takes you to an area where you can practice all kinds of outdoor sports. Nice to know: in Maastricht 1/5 of the population is students and almost 50% of these are international. Because of the large number of international students you hear foreign languages around you everywhere… English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, to name only a few.  

 Sports in Maastricht

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Time for coffee

People work hard in Maastricht, but there is also plenty of time and opportunity to enjoy life. Maastricht is called the most exuberant city of the Netherlands and that is for a reason. Already in the morning, the terraces and coffee places are filled with people who want to start their day with a breakfast or a nice mug of wonderful cappuccino.

 Life in Maastricht

life@UM koffie en lekker lunchen

But there also has to be studied

And that can be done in many places, both in the city centre as in the faculties at Randwyck.  There is of course the University Library, where you can work in a really quiet environment. But you will also find Learning Spaces in the faculties, the Student Services Centre and Tapijn. Even in the University Sports Centre you will find places to study! Great if you want to exercise after an afternoon of hard studying or need to dive into your books after an hour’s exercise. Studying in the city library (Centre Céramique) or in one of the many coffee places in town is also a good option.

 Study in Maastricht

Life@um samen studeren

Working for a living

A student job in Maastricht is easy to find. The UM itself has a broad range of work opportunities for students, varying from setting up the introduction week to giving information to high school students. Of course you can look for a job in one of the many shops, bars and restaurant in the city, in international call centres or European institutions.


life@um studeren werken

Let’s shop!

Maastricht offers a superb selection of stores, whether you are looking for great bread, good meat, biological produce, delicious fruit, you will find it all. On the Friday market you will find the best fish for miles and miles! Those who are in to serious shopping will also have a treat here. But also for ‘heavy shopping’ Maastricht is the place to be. From small boutiques to special concept stores and the well-known department stores, this town has it.

Fast facts Maastricht city & shopping:

  • Maastricht is the 2nd tourist city in the Netherlands and the only Dutch city in the top 10 Best European City Trip (Zoover, 2014)
  • Several times bookstore Dominicanen was proclaimed most beautiful bookstore in the world (CNN/BBC/Mustreads/The Guardian)
  • Maastricht is the most romantic city of the Netherlands (Zoover, 2015)
  • Maastricht is the 2nd monumental city in the Netherlands.

The shops in Maastricht are open every day, on Sundays from 12:00.

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Work out time!

Mens sana in corpore sano. Doing sports is a wonderful way to get rid of all your study and exam stress. And Maastricht offers plenty of opportunities to do that. UM Sports offers as many as 66 different sports and has an ultramodern sports complex (with learning spaces). But you can also join one of the 25 student sports associations or one of the local sports associations. And don’t forget, wherever you live, whether on your bike or running, you reach nature at its best within 10 minutes!  

 Sports in Maastricht

Life@UM - sporten in Maastricht

Dinner time

In most Maastricht student houses you cook and eat together. Maybe not every night, but at least twice a week. That creates a true homelike atmosphere, but it is also healthier and less expensive than eating out. Looking for something special? Then visit the large oriental supermarket near the Market, the Turkish supermarket close to the city centre, or one of the biological supermarkets. Not in the mood for cooking? There are plenty food corners, eateries and restaurants in town. Moreover, the UM has great university restaurants where you can eat inexpensive good and healthy food during the day. Nice to know: the Dutch eat dinner every night at 18:00!

 Living in Maastricht

life@UM eten

A beer, film or concert after dinner?

The city has an excellent pop venue, organises music festivals, ranging from classical to techno, jazz weekends in cafés and music performances in the theatres. You can go the cinema (mainstream or arthouse), visit theatre performances by one of the theatre companies or attend a lecture presented by Studium Generale (UM) or other organisations. Would you like to discuss current issues, then join one of the many debates of the local debate centre. There’s always something to do in the evening.

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