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Law & History Research Network


The Law & History Research Network was established in 2021 and provides a venue for interdisciplinary research and joint projects and events in the overlapping fields of law, history and legal history. We bring together researchers from the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) and Law (FoL) at Maastricht University.

The Law & History Research Network focuses on understanding the origins of modern law and today’s multipolar rules-based global order. Its researchers combine, amongst other fields,  institutional history, comparative legal history, legal biographies, and an anthropological reading of archives (against and along the grain).

Researchers interested to join the Law & History Research Network as members (UM colleagues) or associated members (non-UM colleagues) are welcome to contact Karin van Leeuwen and/or Agustín Parise.




Author(s) Title  
Pablo del Hierro Writing a transnational (Global?) history of extradition law in the short twentieth century: Beyond western-centric approaches Link to article
Haakon A. Ikonomou, Karin van Leeuwen and Morten Rasmussen "Calculate the limits of the Possible": Scandinavian Legal Diplomacy, Diplomatic Arenas and the Establishment of the Permanent Court of International Justice Link to article