Overcoming the pitfalls of anachronisms – and why this matters to all of us

21 December 2022

Every now and again, and especially when redesigning a curriculum, the question regarding the role and place of legal history in said curriculum is brought up. And rightly so. That is why the Open University Law School (UK) organized an online event on 15 December entitled Diversity, Dilemmas and Discoveries: Legal History in the Curriculum. The problem with conferences like these is that, albeit very interesting, they have a relatively high level of ‘preaching to the converted’. Nevertheless, I do believe that what was discussed during this conference is of some importance also to those not already convinced, so I would like to share some key points with my fellow legal educators. More concretely I would like to explain how we can overcome the pitfalls of anachronisms and why this is useful knowledge for everyone teaching law.

Mariken Lenaerts

Mariken Lenaerts (1981) is Universitair Docent bij de capaciteitsgroep Grondslagen en Methoden van het Recht. Zij is gespecialiseerd in rechtsgeschiedenis, rechtsfilosofie en familierecht. Haar huidige onderzoek gaat over de vraag of en in hoeverre de ethiek van permacultuur in het recht geïmplementeerd kan worden.