K. Knoops

Already since his master in biology at the University of Groningen, Kèvin specialized in both light and electron microscopy. Afterwards, he completed his PhD thesis (“Nidovirus replication structures; Hijacking membranes to support viral RNA synthesis”) at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in which the replication organelles of Nidoviruses were studied using advanced cellular imaging techniques. Supported by an EMBO long-term fellowship, Kèvin moved to the EMBL in Grenoble in 2010 to study the structure of translating ribosomes with single-particle electron microscopy. In 2012, Kèvin moved back to Groningen and was awarded the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship as well as the NWO VENI to perform 5 years as post-doc to study the biogenesis and structure of yeast peroxisomes. In 2017, Kèvin finally moved to the Microscopy CORE lab at Maastricht University as microscopy specialist where he currently is responsible for the Light Microscopy section.