John Harbord (J.R.)

As FASoS writing advisor, my main job is helping students with their writing. I work with BA, MA, pre-masters and PhD students throughout the academic year. I can help you with planning, clarity, argumentation, use of sources, or with polishing your work. I can help you with any written assignment except take-home exams, and even these, I can discuss your writing with you after the exam if you have failed, or if you want to do better next time. You can e-mail me to make an appointment online or face to face.


Another important part of my work is to give support lectures and workshops for FASoS degree programmes, as well as thesis writing workshops every year in spring.


I also work with academic staff to ensure courses and assignments prepare students so that they are equiped with the relevant skills and knowledge when they come to write their thesis. If you are a staff member, I can help you to give more effective feedback on writing, to better design and sequence writing assignments, and how to use writing to achieve learning goals. Feel free to contact me by e-mail to make an appointment.