Interview with Pavlina Papageorgiou, Student ambassador MA Arts and Culture: Arts & Heritage 2023-2024

Why did you choose this programme?
I chose this Master's programme because it's a natural continuation of my bachelor’s degree in Arts and Culture at Maastricht University. This one-year master's in Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management, and Education builds upon my previous studies and combines my interests in art, history, public policy, and institutional management. It allows me to explore how cultural experiences are curated and organised. Maastricht is an ideal location for this pursuit, situated in the heart of Europe and being a culturally significant city.”

Why did you choose this master programme in Maastricht?
“Maastricht, as well as my programme, offers a European setting characterised by multiculturalism, diverse perspectives, and interactions. I appreciate the international environment as it exposes me to various backgrounds, unlike the relatively homogenous nature of Greek education what I was used to! Being immersed in this diverse and student-centred environment allows me to continuously learn and experience new things.”

What do you hope to get out of this programme?
“My passion lies in education, and I aim to pursue a career in an international setting, such as a university or museum. I hope my master’s degree will give me the necessary methodologies, tools, and understanding to excel in this field. I want to do an internship in a cultural institution and get more hands-on experience on sharing historical information and have interaction with others that are passionate about arts as well!”

What would be your dream career?
“In 5 to 10 years, I hope to work within a cultural institution, preferably in an educational role as a part of the teaching team. I am deeply passionate about history, and I hope to have a job that enables me to share, discuss, and explore history alongside other enthusiastic individuals.”

October 2023