Interview with Miguel Serrano Scandoni, Student ambassador MA European Studies 2023-2024

Why did you choose this programme?
I have chosen the European Studies Master’s programme, specialising in European Public Policy, Institutions and Governance, to deepen my understanding of EU politics, policymaking, and to develop skills in analysis, research, negotiation, and public speaking".


Prior to the master’s programme, I completed a bachelor’s degree in International Studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid. This comprehensive programme exposed me to various disciplines, including geography, history, politics, economics, law, anthropology, and international relations, providing me with a broad understanding of the world. And I also did one-year Erasmus at the University of Helsinki, where my interest in European Union and geopolitical topics increased.”

Why did you choose to study in Maastricht?
“I chose this master programme for several reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the best universities for European studies. Also, the UM is known for its PBL-system and international orientation, it’s the most international university of Netherlands. On top of that, the fact that it ranks in top 10 best young universities in the world and the job opportunities that it offers. I believe that Maastricht is the perfect location to practice and improve my English level and immerse myself in an international and multicultural environment.”

 What has surprised you about living in Maastricht?
“There is a common stereotype which says that people from northern Europe are more closed than those from the south. But I’ve learned that most people in Maastricht are very open and polite. I really like Dutch people and their culture and even more so in Maastricht!”

What would be your dream career?
“I would love to work for the European institutions, in the policymaking process to continue advancing in European integration. I’m also interested in diplomatic services and international organisations, NGOs, think tanks, national or regional administration and governance, but I also like international journalism, academia, and research.”

October 2023