Inge Leurs, MSc Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology

Inge is from the Netherlands and has a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Culture from Maastricht University. After finishing a pre-master’s programme to study History, she decided to take a gap year. During that year, she became interested in the research master programme in Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology and she decided to apply.

“I decided that I wanted to study at Maastricht University again because I’m a great believer in the Problem-Based Learning system. I was attracted to the content of this particular master’s programme because of the variety of disciplines and the freedom you have as a student to tailor it to your own interests. That is unique. I consciously chose a two-year research master because I simply love research, but also because it gives you more opportunities to discover where your interests lie. So far, it has been great. Our group is very international with many different backgrounds. It broadens your own perspective, too. After I graduate I want to work in research, but I am not sure yet in what capacity and what field. Time will tell!”

Inge Leurs
October 2020

Inge was student ambassador during academic year 2020-2021
 Watch her ambassador video