I. de Wolf

Prof. dr. Inge de Wolf (1970) is a professor of Education Systems at Maastricht University, the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), department of Economics. She is director of the ┬┤Academic Workplace in Education Quality┬┤. This workplace is a research network of academics, inspectors, school leaders and other professionals in education. The research projects of the workplace aim to increase the quality of education practice and policy, by disentangling mechanisms and measuring effects of interventions at schools. Partners of the workplace are Maastricht University, the VU University Amsterdam, the Inspectorate of Education and education professionals. Inge also works as a strategic inspector at the Inspectorate of Education, as a guest lecturer (for the NSOB and Nyenrode Business University) and she does consultancy work for the OECD and the WorldBank. Inge is research fellow at the Graduate School of Business and Economics (GSBE) and fellow of the Amsterdam Centre for Learning Analytics (ACLA).

Expertise: Current research focuses on school improvement, education systems, school quality, student careers, evaluation methods, and inspection and accountability systems.

Full bio and CV: http://www.ingedewolf.nl/