GMAT and GRE tests for application

The GMAT and GRE tests are computer-adaptive assessments designed to evaluate your quantitative, analytical and written English skills, preparing you for admission into a graduate programme. For some applicants to (pre-)master’s programmes at the School of Business and Economics, the GMAT or GRE test is a requirement for admission.


At the School of Business and Economics, we accept three tests. You may decide which of these tests you take. 

  1. the GMAT Exam: this exam will be administered until 31 January 2024. Your test score will remain valid for a period of two years, and we will accept this score until it reaches its expiration date. 
  2. the GMAT Focus Edition
  3. the GRE test

Check the admission requirements under the programme of your choice to see whether you need to complete a GMAT or GRE test for application.

Tip: plan to take your exam well before the application deadline. It may take some time before we receive the official results. 

​​​​​​​Required test scores


Test Minimum test scores*
GMAT exam (possible to take until 31 January 2024)

Total score: 550
AWA score: 4.0

GMAT Focus Edition Total score: 515
GRE Test

Please recalculate your score to GMAT scores via the conversion tool

*If you score below these minimum scores, your application will get rejected.

Prep for the exam

Here you can find more information about exam preparation.

Indicate UM as a recipient

We do not accept score reports that you send to us yourself. Every applicant must request the test centre to send an official score report directly to Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics.