The GLOCULL project aims to develop an Urban Living Lab approach for innovations in the FWE nexus that are locally and globally sustainable.

Full name

Globally and LOCally sustainable food-water-energy innovation in Urban Living Labs

GLOCULL podcast - Episode Maastricht

An explanation of the project and the Dutch Living Lab SUPERLOCAl by Joop de Kraker, Diederik van Duuren and Astrid Offermans.

Research partners

  • Austria: University of natural resources and Life Sciences
  • Brazil: School of Public Health – University of Sao Paulo
  • Germany: Leuphana university of Lüneburg
  • South-Africa: Stellenbosch University
  • Sweden: LUCSUS- Lund University
  • The Netherlands: ICIS – Maastricht University – coordinator
  • United States: Arizona State University