Prof Georgi Verbeeck (G.J.M.)

During the academic year 2016/2017 Georgi Verbeeck teaches the following courses :

Bachelor CW/AC ACU 1501 : Debate among Historians (lectures)

Bachelor CW/AC ACU 1002 : Disenchantment and Ideology (lectures)

Bachelor CW/AC ACU 2006 : The European State (lectures)

Bachelor CW/AC ACU 2714 : Entering the Field : Political Culture I (tutor and lectures)

Bachelor CW/AC ACU 3012 : Doing Research in Political Culture (course coordinator, tutor, lectures)

Bachelor CW/AC ACU 2501 : Theory of Science and Interdisciplinarity (lectures)

Bachelor CW/AC : supervision bachelor theses

Bachelor CW/AC : supervision traineeships

Bachelor CW/AC : supervision literature packages

UCM HUM 3019 : Totalitarian Temptation (lectures)

Master ES EUS 4012 : Post-War Europe. Political and Societal Transformations (tutor and lectures)

Master ES EUS 4001 : International Relations and Global Governance (lectures)

Master ALS/PS : Politics and National Identities (lectures)

Master ALS/PS : supervision master theses

Master AH/KCE : supervision master theses

Graduate School : supervision PhD's