Free, selective and fixus bachelor's programmes

The application process differs depending on the study programme you have registered for.

Free bachelor's programmes

You qualify for admission if you have (an equivalent of) a Dutch VWO diploma and meet any additional admission requirements.

There are free bachelor's programmes that offer a Matching Procedure. The aim of matching is to assess whether you and your chosen programme are a good match. Matching can involve an interview, an online questionnaire or some other activity. Matching is not obligatory.

The following are free bachelor's programmes:
Arts and Culture
Business Analytics
Business Engineering
Circular Engineering
Computer Science
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Digital Society
Dutch Law/Rechtsgeleerdheid
Econometrics and Operations Research
European Law School
European Public Health
European Studies
Fiscal Economics/Fiscale Economie
Health Sciences/Gezondheidswetenschappen
Regenerative Medicine and Technology
Tax Law/Fiscaal Recht

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Selective bachelor's programmes

For a number of bachelor's programmes, UM strives to select students with a profound interest in one or more specific topics by a certain level of motivation. A wide range of criteria are used to determine the compatibility between your interests and the bachelor's programme. Examples of these criteria: previous education, your CV, a letter of motivation, a personal interview.

The following bachelor's programmes are selective:
Economics and Business Economics
Global Studies
Maastricht Science Programme (Liberal Arts and Sciences)
University College Maastricht (Liberal Arts and Sciences)
University College Venlo (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

There is no limit to the amount of study programmes with a selective admissions process you can apply to.

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Fixus bachelor's programmes (includes selection)

At fixus programmes there is a limited number of available places, with selection by the educational institution.

The selection procedure of fixus programmes is a combination of performances and/or characteristics with at least one non-cognitive criterion (e.g. motivation or activities outside of school) and at least one cognitive criterion (e.g. marks or a selection test) are assessed to gain as complete a picture of you as possible. As only a limited number of places are available for these programmes, all applicants for the programme concerned are compared to each other.

Besides the level of your high school education, there can be additional subject requirements in for example mathematics, physics, etc. Please check the specific requirements via the programme of your choice.

Criteria will differ per programme, but for each fixus programme you will need to submit additional documents, participate in tests or even come to Maastricht for a selection day. Please check the specific requirements under the programme of your choice.

You can submit two applications for fixus programmes in the Netherlands. For specific information, please check the information from the Dutch government. Please note that you can only attend 1 fixus programme, so if you get a place for both programmes, you will need to choose.

There is a limit to the number of times you can participate in a selection procedure of a fixus programme. This maximum number differs per programme. See for more information the programme you applied for.

The following bachelor's programmes have a fixus:

  • International Business
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Brain Science
  • Geneeskunde / Medicine – English track (BA MED)
  • Psychology


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