Federico de Martino (F.)

At Maastricht University:

In the FPN BSc. Psychology, I coordinate the Practical: fMRI data analysis (PSY/IPN3154). Within the Research Master, Cognitive Neuroscience specialization, he teach in Neuroimaging: Functional MRI (PSY4253/PSY4054) and coordinate the fMRI practical (PSY4056/PSY4227). At FSE, I teaches at bachelor and master level as well. I coordinate the course Introduction to Biomedical Engineering at the Maastricht Science Programme (MSP; INT1003). In addition, at the MSc. Systems Biology, I coordinates the course Machine Learning and Multivariate Statistics (MSB1011).


At international conferences:

I have been a lecturer at the fMRI toolkit at the Donders Center (2007) , at the High field ISMRM study group meeting (2009 and 2012). In addition I have been taching a the Advanced fMRI course at the annual meeting of the organization for human brain mapping (OHBM - 2013) and the Advanced fMRI course at the annual meeting of the international society for magnetic resonance research (ISMRM - 2014). Finally I been taching at the Biannual meeting on high field functional imaging at the Center for magnetic resonance research (CMRR 2011-2013).